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The 8 Steps to Freedom are here!

Countless customers have taken these steps to freedom. Take yours today!

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The 8 Steps to Freedom are here!

Get the Answers Here!

Since 2009 Aingeal Rose and AHONU have been meeting with small groups all over the world, all wanting answers to world problems and the question of ‘who am I?’ and ‘why am I here?’ - Get the answers here...

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Get the Answers Here!

Save Time, Money and Effort

Start YOUR first step of the 8 steps to freedom today!

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Save Time, Money and Effort

Got Questions, Need Answers?

The 8 Steps to Freedom has the answers to your big life questions like Who Am I? and Why Am I Here?

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Got Questions, Need Answers?

Happy People!

This is the look of freedom, of happiness and joy. This is the outcome of the 8-Steps-to-Freedom. Start your first step today!

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Happy People!

Take your first step to freedom today!


No more worry, no more tears, no more uncertainty, no more rejection. Only spiritual mastery - now!

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Aingeal Rose & AHONU

ATTENTION: This is YOUR special invitation!

AHONU & Aingeal Rose


8 Steps to Freedom

Now for the first time, AHONU (Visionary Artist & Author of The Reincarnation of Columbus) & Aingeal Rose (Author of ‘A Time of Change’ and ‘The Nature of Reality’, Akashic Records Consultant & Spiritual Teacher) present this very special self-mastery program.

Dear Fellow Traveler,

Do you feel stuck in your job, your marriage, your life? Do you feel changes happening but don’t understand what’s causing them? Are you feeling lost in the drama of life? Do you feel distant from people? Or do you feel you don’t belong here? Do you know where you are going? Or where you have come from? Do you understand the bigger spiritual picture that is going on in the world? Have you got questions but no answers?

The 8 Steps to Freedom is an exciting series of 8 online teachings committed to personal growth, self-mastery and freedom. It answers all your questions about who am I and why am I here as well as guiding you to your life purpose, your soul contract and the understanding of your highest heroic mission in life. It is an easy to listen to, easy to follow, listen at your leisure format of 8 online lectures from the master teachers AHONU & Aingeal Rose. Below is an introductory recording explaining all about it.

The above introduction is where we spelled out what is involved, the material we cover etc for the entire series. There is absolutely no obligation whatsoever to continue if you find the material, content, personalities or method of presentation to not be acceptable to you. Indeed, the high frequency of this series is not for everyone and not everyone is ready for truth or freedom. It was called the 8 Steps to Freedom because it started on the 8th day of the 8th month for 8 months at 8pm for 88 minutes. This unique series is packed chock full of enlightened knowledge and information, a must-see, a keeper!

8 Steps to Freedom is an 8-session personal power, self-mastery and freedom audio series. In this unique program, you will find yourself swept onward and upward by the torrent of positive energy as you grow in freedom and personal power. Finally get the clarity you seek in one place.


This series was developed by AHONU & Aingeal Rose to fulfill specific information people need, help deliver
specific results people want and to solve specific challenges people have.

The 8 monthly sessions have been structured to help in
many ways:

  • Business: Career, Life Purpose and Income
  • Relationships: Partners, Family and Sex
  • Health: Healing, the Body and Pain
  • God: Spirit, Soul and Beliefs

It may help you:

  • To get the experiences you want and need out of life
  • To find your soul purpose
  • To answer the question “Who am I and Why am I here”
  • Discover your talents and hidden abilities
  • Remove the fog of uncertainty in these times
  • Discover who your partners are to you
  • Remove the blockages to your prosperity
  • Engage your higher self in comfortable dialog
  • Become confident with your psychic abilities
  • Find the sense of meaning and value in your life

AHONU Spirit Artist

Heres what people are saying about the Spirit of Love Project

I love it! I love it! I love it! I’m in! Debbie

I advanced more in my self-actualization taking their classes than in any other class. Mary

Your work is beautiful and life-changing as always. Blessings, Linda

Wow AHONU this is great. I love it. Thank you. Yvonne

AHONU Please keep me on your mailing list. I want to know about every miracle. Dolores

It is so great and I am so proud to be a part of the project. Susan

So intuitive and visionary, my blessings as usual for all your work. Love to you and your project. Liana

AHONU, you are so awesome and all the lives you change and touch! Anne

AHONU & Aingeal’s intuitive insight has cleared so many issues for me that I keep coming back for more. I have grown immensely as a result of their work. I highly recommend them. LL

I listened to the program and love it. I’m in. Linda S. San Diego


More Testimonials

The Spirit of Love Project by AHONU

There is a cost in staying where you are. What is it costing you? On a scale of 1-10, how urgent is the desire in you to take the first step?

Notice of FTC Compliance: Since we are literally unable to provide “Generally Expected Results” for this program, we are forced to either tell you that most customers of this program will not do anything at all with it and subsequently have no positive results. Many factors affect your expected results with this program as well as most programs like this. We are not responsible for your ability or inability to take action after purchase. We can only provide the resources and tools. However, if you do take action, you can be assured of a whole new paradigm of awareness opening up to you.

We invite you to

What you don’t need …

  • You don’t need to attend anywhere in person – it’s all online.
  • You don’t need to be a “spiritual” person.
  • You don’t have to have anything that needs to be “fixed”.
  • You don’t need to read anymore… just click the Buy Now button to get started!


AHONU Spirit Artist

We invite you to listen to the FREE intro audio above, then…

Join us

8 Steps to Freedom

$897 $497
  • All your questions answered!
  • Understand the bigger picture!
  • Grow in self awareness and joy!

Come with us to a higher place!

AHONU Spirit Art

Love & blessings,

AHONU & Aingeal Rose

P.S. We look forward to seeing you soon! Don’t quit on yourself!

The First Step to Freedom

  ATTENTION: This is YOUR special invitation! AHONU & Aingeal Rose present 8 Steps to Freedom Now for the first time, AHONU (Visionary Artist & Author of The Reincarnation of Columbus) & Aingeal Rose (Author of ‘A Time of Change’ and ‘The Nature of Reality’, ...

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Posted on Nov 6, 2013