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Since 2009 Aingeal Rose and AHONU have been meeting with small groups all over the world, all wanting answers to world problems and the question of 'who am I?' and 'why am I here?' - Get the answers here...

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THANK YOU for such a wonderful weekend experience. I am so grateful to you both for providing a space for our group centered in love. I felt fortunate to be in your energy for the entire length of the workshop. My participation has had a very important impact on my life. I now have an amazing perspective on my past which has added a new vitality in me. Understanding how to access the Records is truly a gift, and one that I hold in high regard for myself.

Michelle Mello
Workshop Participant

These sessions have replaced my Sunday morning services and for that I am deeply grateful. The weekend workshop was very special and the connection with so many people on the path was incredible. Sometimes it gets lonely out here all alone. It really helps to be around spiritually conscious beings, even if for a short time.

Workshop Participant

Thank you for such a gift; the two of you helped me in so many ways. I hope to really pay it forward someday... you are really the light at the end of the tunnel for so many people.

Chantal Cash

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Anyone who seeks answers to life's questions will find great peace, comfort and inspiration from Aingeal Rose's books and work with the Akashic Records.

Testimonial 1

Charlotte McGinnis
Author, Radio Host, ADL Minister

I want to thank you so much for having me on your show again and to work with you. Consciousness is such a big subject but you two do such a great job handling it! Your own personal interest in the subject lends you a depth and perceptiveness that is very powerful. In deep gratitude, Penny.

Testimonial 2

Penny Kelly
Author, Publisher

Akashic records readings and weekly podcasts are life changing. Amazing facts and clarity make the investment of time so worth it! Aingeal Rose and AHONU thanks for these! I hope everybody who are looking for answers, peace and happiness find your website and book a reading, join a weekly podcast on Sunday or go to one of your training sessions! Keep up the amazing work!

Our Team

Aingeal Rose & AHONU thank you for coming with us to a higher place!

Aingeal Rose

Aingeal Rose



Kevin (AHONU)


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Volunteers needed

This could be you!

Volunteers needed, join us

Volunteers needed

This could be you!

Frequently Asked Questions

These are examples (just extracts) of the questions and answers that are asked of the Akashic Records.

Why would a young man of fair age who has everything to live for, create a brain tumor, go through pain and then die?

This is a question where you have to know the person's soul contract and their past life history to understand what's going on with a particular person. This is what I will say about it in general though - Source has told us that ITS intention for us is not suffering or death but we're the ones that believe that we learn through suffering and death and certainly, people have learned through adversity, no question about it. It's not the best way to learn, it's not the high road. Ultimately, we all need to decide to learn to enjoy.

Can Source tell us how to reduce negative thinking and have more positive thoughts?

There're levels to this and we have talked about this before but let's just remind everybody, that on one level, it is true that a lot of the negative thoughts and negative thinking are coming from entities and the collective consciousness of fear. We are being bombarded right now with negative thoughts, but the part two of it is since we're all one, we could all still be unraveling these thoughts by writing about them because remember, we are in a cleansing and that cleansing means that every one of us is having our stuff come up. A lot of this stuff that is coming up is taking the form of negative thinking and depression, a lot of it also represents our own suppressed popular beliefs and they could be from childhood, they could be from birth, they could be from other lives, but it's all coming to the fore so that we clear negativity entirely. Whether you're being psychically attacked or whether it's something coming out from your own consciousness, you can still unravel an energy by journaling about it.

If Earth is one of several living libraries but is blocked off here, how can we reopen our connection to the other libraries?

First of all, Source is saying that we're not blocked off from anything. The one contains the all. Even if it were true that the Earth was blocked off, which it doesn't look it is, we still have all the knowledge contained within us. We have to understand that, because we are the All That Is, there is nothing that is kept from us. What the real issue is, is that we do not discipline ourselves in such a way as to inquire and learn to access this particular knowledge. We all have perceptual filters. Our beliefs, our thoughts, what we think reality is capable of, the limitations and boundaries that we think are there in place in our physics; all of these things keep us from accessing higher knowledge. The truth is, is we're unlimited in our capacity to receive. The human brain is a receiver. It's less about what each hemisphere does and more about the fact that the brain is a transmitter of information. It adjusts itself chemically and electronically to whatever we believe to whatever we perceive. It can down-step any kind of knowledge and translate it into a concept for us.

Are human-reptilian hybrids real?

Reptilians are an example of a race that came from another planetary system and colonized Earth a long time ago. That's the first thing. Are they parasitic? Yes, they are, if they attach to people and start using their energy for themselves. They usually attach to the back and people suddenly have backaches or they'll have really strong sexual desires. That's an indication of Reptilian attachment. They will verbally spout off angry things to people and then question what made them say that. People could have headaches from a Reptilian attachment. They can actually affect people on a lot of levels. Are there human and reptilian hybrids? Yes, there are.

What are some things that will activate our own ability of sixth senses such as clairvoyance and clairaudience?

Some of the light codes coming in are going to automatically do that for a lot of people. Hang in there because you might find yourself being a lot more telepathic and having a lot more of those abilities turned on. It may just be something that happens spontaneously. You can also do it through meditation and that's the process of going inward and the more you focus inward, the more you start to activate the particular glands which are predominantly the pituitary and the pineal gland.

Why does homosexuality exist?

We do need to keep in mind that Source doesn't judge anything. That is really, really important. It is saying that homosexuality has many different factors to it. Sometimes, it's the soul not able to make up its mind what kind of energy it wants to run, so it will take on a particular form but carry the other energy as a way to play with both. Sometimes, it is to change something going on in the world, so they will come in that way to help us all understand male and female energies better. Sometimes, it is a genetic mutation that happens between the parents. And more.

Do the records say anything about the Ouija board?

Whenever I ask Source this question, It sends me back a question saying, what would be its usage? You are opening the door to other dimensions through the Ouija board actually, through your collective effort with the board. In other words, the board itself is not a portal without people participating. Once you put human energy in there, you start to open portals. Again, discernment is very important. Beings that are divine don't use tools like that. Beings that are truly out for your mastery don't need these accouterments. They observe, they allow, but they do intervene to protect you at times.

Here's some of what was asked in Volume 33...

If a system is unfair, should we just continue or try spirituality?
What can we do to help depressed people if they refuse help?
Why does it seem that both autism and Alzheimer's is on the rise?
What is the best way to develop our intuition?
With such deforestation going on, and the pollution of our seas, etc., what does Source say will help heal the Earth and bring her back into balance?
Would Colloidal Silver be helpful in healing Ebola?
Will California finally start to get more rain and will it be colder this winter?
Can witches be consulted to help bring positive wishes and actually have positive results?
When we say silent prayers in our minds do our angels hear our prayers and help us manifest results?
Is there a best way to get help from our angels?
Is there a best way to pray?
What is the overall economic climate for the next 12-24 months?
Do Quantum Bio Scalar necklaces really work? If so how?
What do you mean by dark souls wanting to capture souls?
Also, this session included the Meditation To Paradise Earth!

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